IT Consulting

IT Assessment and Review

A comprehensive IT assessment will help you better understand your current state of technology and prepare your business for future needs and growth. Our engineers and consultants can help you achieve these objectives through a comprehensive analysis of the state of your organization from a technology perspective. Once we understand your current and future business needs and goals, we can develop a technology plan that aligns with these and your budget.

IT Strategy | Budget Input


Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

A DRP describes the exact steps that will be taken to get your business up and running after a disaster. It is critical that all businesses have a DRP in place as disasters can cripple a business and unfortunately many businesses only find this out when it is too late. We work with our clients to create a custom plan that suits their business requirements to address the following:

Data Recovery and restoration | Hardware Failure | Connectivity Restoration | Loss of premises


Microsoft Licencing

Any business that is using Microsoft products can be subject, at any time, to a Microsoft Audit Request. The Microsoft team will periodically focus on particular industries and regions. Our team are certified Microsoft Licencing specialists and can assist you in ensuring your business is compliant. We provide assistance on the following:

Microsoft Office 365 Licencing | Microsoft Schools Licencing | Microsoft Academic Licencing | Microsoft Enterprise Agreements


IT Forensic Investigations

Unfortunately there are times when investigations are needed and we are here to assist you during these confidential investigations. We offer discrete investigations in the following:

Employee Activity | Illegal Activity | Corporate E-mail Investigations and Correspondence | Find deleted and hidden data


Technical Training

We offer in-person technical training to ensure our clients are getting the full benefit from their technology investments. Popular training we provide are:

Windows Basics | Data management | Lync | OneNote | Outlook | SharePoint | Internet usage


Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is your business's gateway to the rest of the world. It is a rapidly developing and changing market and it is important that you have a partner that is up to speed with what is the most suitable connectivity options for your business.

ADSL | 3G | VDSL | LTE | Fibre Optic | Wireless Internet


IT Governance

It is important that your business has IT policies, Procedures and Agreements in place to govern the way technology is used within your business. By working closely with our clients and our legal team over the years, we have gained extensive experience in IT governance across multiple industries to develop:

Data Management Policies | Disaster recovery Policies | IT Policies | End user Agreements | Communications Policies