Losing power leaving you powerless

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 14:35
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Ever get caught out by power tripping or load shedding kicking in leaving you annoyed, frustrated and powerless

as you realize you have not hit that save button for the past hour losing all that work? It perhaps maybe not be work but could be caught in the middle of your favourite series, movie or even in the middle of an online game.The fact is that it happens to the best of us and there is nothing more frustrating than sitting in the dark helpless wondering what just happened.

But there is hope where you can combat this and save yourself some time. It may cost a buck or two but in the end it is all worth it. The little secret is called a UPS also known as an uninterrupted power supply. A UPS contains a battery that will allow you to power a connected device from anything from 10min to 30min all depending on how many devices you have connected to the UPS and the size of the UPS. Below are some examples of a UPS.

The main purpose of the UPS is to allow you to safely power down your connected device/s and allow you to save any progress that you have done on your work after the power has gone off. You may ask why you may need a UPS if you already have a generator the reason being that the UPS will maintain power to your device which allow you time to turn your generator or perhaps you have an automated generator systems thus allowing you to continue working like nothing happened while your backup systems kick into place. A UPS will also help protect against the following other that from complete power failures:

  • Voltage surges and spikes
  • Voltage Sags
  • Frequency differences

The UPS provides a steady flow of power which will prevent your device from going into in unsafe state caused from the above points which greatly reduces the chances of a power surge damaging your equipment.
Within a business it is extremely vital to have a UPS especially for servers as one cannot afford for a Server to shutdown unexpectedly for what so ever reason as the chances of company data becoming corrupt can be very costly and damaging.

All in all having a UPS will save you time and money

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