How to connect to a wireless network

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 11:28
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Step 1: Ensure that your wireless adapter is on

Check that your wireless adapter is on. This is normally indicated by a wireless light

on the laptop.


If your wireless adapter is on, skip step 2

Step 2: How to enable your wireless adapter

These steps may vary with different laptop models.

  1. Use the function key and wireless key to enable or disable your wireless adapter. Hold the Fn key and press the wireless key. The wireless key can normally be found between F1 to F2Cnrtl


  2. Use the wireless key to enable or disable your wireless adapter

Wireless button

Step 3: Connect to a wireless network

  1. In the bottom right hand corner select the wireless symbol:

    Network connection

  2. Select the network you wish to connect to:

    Wireless network

  3. Enter the wireless security Key and connect:

network security key


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